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WV Postal Workers Union

Our union contract, plant closures & consolidation, delayed mail and our hope for bipartisan legislation to fix postal finances


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Contract negotiations open in less than one month. Our next APWU Live with President Dimondstein is coming up on June 1 and we hope to see you there.

Sign up here to get a reminder and to ask your question.

There is a lot happening for postal workers right now and we have a packed livestream this month.

This is your chance to get updates on postal workers’ campaign to restore speedy mail service and stop management’s attempt to permanently delay the mail. We will discuss management’s plans for plant closures and consolidations. And we’ll address the new bipartisan legislation that will finally get rid of the unfair prefunding mandate that has drained USPS finances.

We will also let you know how you can get involved in our fight for a fair contract. Because our strength at the bargaining table comes from our members standing together and mobilizing, to get a Good Contract Now, we need you to make it happen.

Together with answers for your questions, the June 1 live is a key opportunity for you find out what is going on and to get involved.

Sign up for the July 1 APWU Live here.

In union solidarity,

The American Postal Workers Union

1300 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 | www.apwu.org

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